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I have been always interested in broad meaning art. Today, painting is both my passion and way of life, that I consciously chose, and that  I follow every day. I deeply believe that human through contact with art,  becomes simply better. Art complement us as people. It is element, that  we need when our basic needs are already fulfilled.

When painting, I try to give a part of myself – my heart, encourage reflection or meditation, or simply materialize my vision.

What I paint?

In my gallery of painting you will find a wide selection of themes. I love paintings of landscapes as well as abstractions. I paint nature-  flowers, cities and buildings. I love to play with light In my artistic creation – life arose from the light, so the motifs of light and life are important to me, inspiring and appealing. I used to talk about myself that I am an independent artist – this means that I do not  fit into the rigid academic frame – I paint what I love, what inspires me or just what I want to pass. My painting can be generally described as modern, contemporary painting. Sometimes I am closer to impressionists and sometimes I create complete abstractions. My art cannot be easily classified or pigeonholed.

I paint the paintings on request, although I emphasize that I do not create copies of famous creations. Also in this case, I devote and put my whole heart in my painting, vision and artistic element.

In every case, I give a viewer as much as possible from myself.


I create mainly oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and watercolors – they are my favorite types, so they are the most abundant. However you will also  find other types – pastels, gouaches in my gallery. A separate category are structural paintings, or paintings that I create using special structural masses. As a result, paintings are three-dimensional, and I as an artist  can freely play and create plane, which  I will cover with paints then. This allows to open a completely new areas of creativity in comparison to using only the canvas and paints.


All paintings are hand painted by me. Each one is an expression of my own artistic vision. To each painting  I enclose signed by me certificate of authenticity, as well as handmade, tailor-made bag, with a special soft yet durable canvas – to make it easier to move, or secure if necessary.

Best materials

Communing with art has various faces. On the one hand, it is a timeless beauty, inspiration, and from the other it is an investment. Therefore I make so that the paintings that you buy from me will survive for decades in perfect condition. I only use canvases of flax and solid wooden stretchers (Mana Looms painting). I use paints of world’s best manufacturers, most of which consist of painting pigments, with only a minimum amount of fillers (for cheaper paints ratio of pigment to fill is reverse – little pigment, more fill, thereby paintings made with using them are sensitive to UV radiation – prone to fading etc.).

I use mainly the products of the American company Golden, which currently has in portfolio three major brands:

I also use products from Winsor & Newton (


This paper is made of 100% cotton with high density. As a curiosity, I can add that the history of this producer dates back to the eighteenth century…

If I create on a substrate other than the canvas (eg. board), it will be clearly stated in the description of the painting. Oil and acrylic paintings I varnish after drying. Varnish forms a coating  protecting painting from external factors like dust. So such protected painting can be return to clean after years  – layer of varnish is then removed, with dust – and the painting remains intact.

Buying of painting

Details of how safely and easily you can buy my painting you can find on the ‘Benefits’ side.

Please note that you can always contact me.

With warm regards.
Iwona Ochnio-Kwiatecka

fot. Piotr Koziuk

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